Price Service

The price service is a webservice that listens to the Wormhole Network for Pyth price updates and serves them via a convenient web API. The service allows users to easily query for recent price updates via a REST API, or subscribe to a websocket for streaming updates. The Pyth Network Javascript SDKs connect to an instance of the price service in order to fetch on-demand price updates.

Public Endpoints

The Pyth Data Association operates two public endpoints for the price service, for mainnet and testnet respectively. These endpoints can be used to test integrations with Pyth Network:
For production deployments, developers integrating with Pyth Network are strongly encouraged to host their own instance of the price service for maximum resilience and decentralization. By running an independent instance of this service, developers tap directly into Wormhole's peer-to-peer network to stream Pyth price updates. This peer-to-peer network has built-in redundancy and is therefore inherently more reliable than a centralized service operated by the PDA. Please find more information about building and running the price service from here.